• Me: They announced what they're doing for their 200th Supernatural episode, you're going to hate it.
  • Mum: Oh no they're not.
  • Me: They are!
  • Mum: Not Sam and Dean though? Dean and Cas I would understand.
  • Me: What? I don't think we're on the same page here? They're doing a musical episode. What did you think I was talking about?!
  • Mum: I thought you were going to say Sam and Dean started getting it off with each other!
  • Me: OH MY GOD WHAT!? WHAT THE- Wait, did you say 'Dean and Castiel you would understand'!?


what if in season ten they just drop destiel on us like nothing like no hinting no spoilers just one day cas is still figuring out personal space and then dean just grabs his face and kisses him and they’re at it for like five minutes and then sam walks in and sees what’s going on and slowly backs out with a grin on his face because he knew all along just how in love they were

I wiuld die